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Mastering Money Unit Lesson Kit, Money Math Learning Curriculum

Mastering Money Unit Lesson Kit, Money Math Learning Curriculum

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  • Are you a momma looking for engaging and educational activities to keep your kids learning over the summer? Look no further than our Money Math Unit Lesson Plan Kit! Packed with fun and practical activities, this kit is designed to help kids learn essential money management skills while having a blast at home.

    **What's Included:
    Plastic Curriculum Carry/Storage Case
    Mastering Money Workbook
    Carry Cases
    1 Set of Laminated Checks
    1 Set of currency
    1 Set of items to shop (shoes, foods, drinks etc.)
    1 Laminated Budget Planner
    1 Laminated Piggy Bank Savings Sheet
    15+ housing options with utility projections on back
    3 weekly grocery shopping options
    6+ career option sheets

    -Budget Planners: Teach your kids the importance of budgeting with our easy-to-use budget planners. From setting spending limits to tracking expenses, these planners will help your kids develop smart money habits from an early age.
    -Shopping Activities: Turn grocery shopping into a fun learning experience with our interactive shopping activities. Your kids will learn to compare prices, make smart purchasing decisions, and even calculate discounts and savings.
    -Career Pathways: Explore different career pathways and their earning potentials with our career exploration activities. From doctor to firefighter to astronaut, your kids will discover the connection between education, career choices, and financial success.
    -Real-Life Application: Our unit lesson plan includes real-life application activities that bring money math concepts to life. From planning a family budget to simulating a day in the life of a working adult, your kids will gain practical skills they can use in the real world.

    Why Choose Our Money Math Unit Lesson Plan Kit:

    Fun and Engaging: Say goodbye to boring worksheets! Our activities are designed to be interactive and enjoyable, keeping kids entertained while they learn.
    Real-Life Relevance: Help your kids understand the practical value of money math concepts with real-life scenarios and applications.
    Empowerment: Equip your kids with essential money management skills that will set them up for financial success in the future.
    Convenience: Everything you need is included in one convenient kit, making it easy to implement the lesson plans at home.

    Invest in your child's future with our Money Math Unit Lesson Plan Kit and make this summer a season of learning and growth!
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